Organizers need a way to import their own data to the CoreEvent system. That is the role of the import feature. You can find the import feature by clicking on the “Import/Export” field in the menu, under the “Attendees” section of the menu.

Here you can quickly import your own sheets with attendee information using a CSV template. After you import the attendees, they will appear in the “Attendee list”. To read more about the “Attendee list”, check the “Attendee list” section of the Help & Support.

Table of contents:

  • How to import attendees?
  • Important instructions for editing your CSV template
  • What if something goes wrong with my import?
  • Pro Tip

How to import attendees?

The import feature is located in the “Import/Export” field in the menu, under the “Attendees” section. After you click on “Import/Export”, click on “Import”.

You will open the “Import attendees” page. To import your own sheets, you need to use our CSV format template.

First, you need to download the official CSV template file which contains all of the attendee fields you can fill out. Make sure you enter all of the required fields for all of your attendees to make it valid.

You can download the CSV template by clicking on the “Download template” button.

Under the “Download template” button, you can see a list of fields that your template will contain. The fields marked as “Required” need to be filled out for all attendees, or your import will not work. To learn more about “Attendee fields”, check the section of the Help & Support dedicated to “Attendee fields”.

After you finish adding the attendee data in the CSV template, just click “Upload file” on the bottom of the “Import” page, select the file you want to import and voila. A bunch of your newly added attendees will show up in the “Attendee list” of the CoreEvent system.

Important instructions for editing your CSV template

Naming of table headings

It is very important that the headings of your table are named exactly the same as the headings of the table in the “Attendee list” section of CoreEvent. For example, if a field is named “First Name”, the heading of the file you are importing must also be “First Name”. If you type in “first name”, the import will not work.

Country fields

If you are using country type attendee fields, use the international official two letter short abbreviation (ISO alpha-2) for the name of the country, instead of the full country name. Otherwise, the system will not recognize what country you are referring to.

For example, do not type in “Germany”. Type in DE.

For more information about “Attendee fields”, check the “Attendee fields” section of the Help & Support.

Checkbox fields

Sometimes, you will use checkbox fields, for example for GDPR compliance. In that case, if you are importing your own sheet and you are using a checkbox field for GDPR, you need to type in “true” (if they gave you the compliance) or “false” (if they didn’t give you the compliance) for every person in the file you are importing.

What if something goes wrong with my import?

If your import is not working, you will get a red dialogue box on the bottom right of your screen that will tell you exactly what is the problem with the file you are trying to import. Implement the changes to your CSV file and try again.

If the problem you are encountering is the loading screen being on for a long time, try again. If your internet connection is not slow, and you are sure that this is not the problem, try checking the file you are trying to import and changing it, according to advice written on this page. If you are still experiencing problems, reach out to us, we will be there for you. :)

Pro Tip

To import attendees, it is not necessary that you use the CSV template. You can use your own Excel sheets, edit them according to what is written in this page, and export your Excel sheet as a CSV file. Import the CSV you created from your Excel sheets and voila, your attendees are in the “Attendee list”!

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)