Informacije konferencije

The “Conference info” page is a part of the “Conference settings” section of the menu. The “Conference info” section of the menu will only be visible if you are using the CoreEvent white-labeled Attendee mobile app.

Welcome title and welcome subtitle

In these two fields, type in the text you want your attendees to see while logging in to the Attendee App. For example, your title can be “Welcome to the best event ever” and your subtitle can be “CoreEvent is the best event management tool I have ever seen”. Or maybe something that better describes your event.


The interest field is here for you to type in every area that could be of interest to your attendees. The interests you put in here (such as: networking, education, programming, food…) will be shown to your attendees when they will be logging in to the app, and they will select those that apply to them. Based on the interests the attendees choose, the app will make networking suggestions to them.

About us & Our partners

You can paste the link to the websites of your event, company or your partners to these fields.

Primary & secondary color

The CoreEvent Attendee App is white-labeled, meaning that you can customise it to fit your branding. Here you can pick the two main colors that will dominate your Attendee App.

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)