The “Announcements” page is located in the “Conference settings” section of the menu. The “Announcements” section of the menu will only be visible if you are using the CoreEvent white-labeled Attendee mobile app. Here you can make announcements to your event attendees through the Attendee App and keep them updated on everything related to the event.

For example, you can use this feature to notify attendees about the changes in the event schedule, remind them of lunch time, or just thank them for their time.

The announcements you create will be visible to the attendees in the “Home” screen of the mobile Attendee App.

To make a new announcement, click on the “Create announcement” button on the top of the “Announcements” page. Type in the announcement title and the announcement text and select whether you want to send the notification to the attendees about this announcement or not. If you select the send notification option, your attendees will get a push notification on their mobile phone about this announcement.

After you type in the content of the announcement and select will you notify attendees or not, be sure to click on the “Create” button on the bottom of the “Create announcement” page to publish your announcement.

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)