Attendee fields

In the “Event settings” section of the CoreEvent menu is the “Attendee fields” page. The Attendee fields are very important, because this is the place where you decide which data you need from your attendees. These will be the fields that are the columns in the “Attendee list”, and the fields that the attendees need to fill out in the “Invite form”.

Before creating your attendee fields, you need to know that you cannot change fields when the attendees are already in the Attendee list. You can add or delete fields whenever you like, but you cannot edit them if you have attendees in the Attendee list.

Adding Attendee Fields

To decide on which fields you are going to use for collecting your attendee data, you need to create them. When you create an event, there will be some default fields in the “Attendee fields” page, but we recommend that you customise the fields to your event needs.

The first name and the last name fields are hardcoded, meaning that you can’t remove them, but you can make them “Not required” if you don’t really need this data.

To add an attendee field, click on the “+” icon next to the heading “Attendee fields”. A pop-up will appear where you will create your attendee field. You can create as many fields as you need.

First, type in the “Label”. This is the name of your attendee field. You can type in anything you like, for example, country, document ID, company, function, mobile phone number, shoe size…anything.

Next, you need to choose the field type. Your field type options are:

  • Text - attendees will type in data
  • Email - attendees need to type in their email address
  • Number - the data attendees need to type in a number
  • Select - you will decide on the options that your attendees will have and they will select one
  • Multiselect - you will decide on the options that your attendees will have and they will select as many as they want
  • Checkbox - in the invite form, next to the text you type in to the label field, users will just tick the checkbox as a sign that they agree

Pro tip - if you type in “GDPR” in the label field, and select the checkbox field type, our default GDPR text will appear at the bottom of the invite form

If you decide on the “Select” or the “Multiselect” field type, you need to type in the options that your attendees can select in the “Select field items” field of the “New attendee field” screen.

After you decide on the naming of the field (label) and the field type, it is time to decide will this field be required, not required, private, or not private.

You can decide will the field you are creating be required or not required. If you set the field to be required, when you import attendees or when they are filling out the invite form, they will have to put in the data for this field. If the field is not required, the attendees can just leave it blank if they don’t want to share this data.

By default, the fields are not private. But if you decide to turn the private option on, then the field will exist, but will not be visible in the invite form. Meaning that the attendees will not know that this field exists, but you will be able to fill it out with your own data for each attendee.

To finish creating the field, be sure to click on the “Add” button to save the new field.

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)