CoreEvent Scanner App

Using the CoreEvent Scanner App

  1. Download and Login: Download the CoreEvent Scanner App from the Play Store. Once installed, open the app and log in using the Scanner Code. This code can be found beneath the event’s name when you access its details on the CoreEvent platform.

  2. Initiate Scanning: After logging in, you’ll see a “Scan” button on the main screen. Press this to activate your device’s camera.

  3. Scanning Tickets: Point the camera at the QR code on the attendee’s ticket. The app will automatically scan the code and display one of three outcomes:

    • Valid Ticket (Green): The scan is successful, and the screen will display the attendee’s name. If the event has assigned seating, it will also show the seat number or position.

    • Ticket Already Used (Orange): This status indicates that the ticket has been scanned previously, and cannot be used again to gain entry.

    • Invalid Ticket (Red): The scan has failed because the ticket is not valid, possibly due to an error in the QR code or because it does not belong to the event database.

This guide will help users effectively manage event entries, ensuring a smooth and secure process for verifying attendee tickets through the CoreEvent Scanner App.