Floor Plan

Floor Plan

In the realm of event management, the “Floor Plan” feature stands as a vital tool that enables organizers to carefully arrange and visualize the layout of a venue. This functionality is essential for adapting the space to fit the specific needs of an event, ensuring that every element is thoughtfully positioned for optimal flow and accessibility.

How to add Floor plan?

To create an effective floor plan for an event, it’s crucial to integrate the venue layout with the ticketing system. This process begins during the initial stages of event creation by enabling the floor plan option within the “Extra Modules” section of the event management platform. This foundational step ensures that the floor plan feature is active and ready for customization.

Once the floor plan module is activated, the next critical step is ticket creation. This is because the floor plan directly interacts with the ticket details, allowing organizers to assign tickets to specific seats, rows, or sectors within the venue layout. Creating tickets ahead of the floor plan setup is essential to streamline the subsequent steps.

After tickets are in place, organizers can proceed to the “Floor Plan” submenu located under the “Ticketing” main menu. From here, a dropdown menu presents a selection of pre-uploaded venues. This feature simplifies the selection process, enabling organizers to choose a venue that matches the event requirements.

After selecting the appropriate venue, the next step involves assigning the previously created tickets to desired areas within the venue. This assignment can be customized according to the event’s specific seating strategy and attendee expectations. By integrating the ticketing details with the selected venue in the floor plan, organizers can ensure a seamless match between the venue layout and ticket categories.