On-site attendee registration

Using CoreEvent is beneficial in many areas of event management, and one of those areas is the on-site attendee registration process.

The entrance of the event venues is easily clogged up if the attendee registration is not set up perfectly. CoreEvent is here to help you with that.

There are two options - you can have the name badges printed upfront or print them on-site.

If you have event badges printed upfront, just be sure to have them laid out orderly so it is easy for you to find the name badge of a particular attendee.

If you print the name badges on-site, event better. This could be very helpful for your attendee registration process. When an attendee comes to the registration stand, just find them in the CoreEvent system and print their name badge. To find out more about printing with CoreEvent, check out the section of the Help & Support called the “Attendee list”.

With on-site printing, you will also be able to get statistics of the attendee registration such as the time when the attendees came to the event in the “Export” feature.

You can also use QR codes and barcodes to help your attendee registration process. Send a QR code or a barcode to your attendees via the “Send emails” feature, have them show it to you at the event entrance on their mobile phones, scan their code with our “Scanner app” and verify their attendance that way.

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)