Scanned tickets

S´╗┐canned tickets statistics

The Scanned Tickets feature, located within the dashboard of event management platforms, provides essential insights into ticket utilization for an event through intuitive graphical representations. This dashboard element helps organizers quickly assess the attendance dynamics and manage event access more effectively.

Functionality of the Scanned Tickets in the Dashboard

This feature is integral to the dashboard as it visually breaks down the status of each ticket sold into two categories:

  • Scanned Tickets: Represent tickets that have been scanned at the event entry, indicating that the attendees have arrived and entered the venue.
  • Not Scanned Tickets: Highlighting the tickets that have yet to be scanned, which could suggest attendees who have purchased tickets but have not yet arrived or may not attend.

By having this feature directly on the dashboard, organizers can benefit from immediate access to real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and maintain smooth operations during the event. This integration into the dashboard underscores the importance of understanding and managing attendee flow for the success of any event.