Ticket categories

The “Ticket Categories” feature in the CoreEvent application is a versatile tool that enables organizers to classify tickets into distinct categories based on type, access level, or any other relevant distinction. Each category can be differentiated by color and name, making it easier to organize and identify different ticket types.

Creating Ticket Categories

This feature can be accessed and managed from two primary locations within the CoreEvent platform: either directly within the organization’s settings or during the ticket creation process for any event.

The process of creating a ticket category includes several steps:

  • Category Name: Enter a unique name for the category to help identify it easily.
  • Select Category Color: Choose a color from the dropdown menu. This visual identifier helps differentiate tickets quickly during sales and at the event.
  • Category Priority: Set the priority level from a dropdown menu, ranging from I to X. This setting can determine the display order or processing hierarchy of the categories.
  • Description: Provide a brief description of the category in the input field. This can include details like the benefits of this category, who it’s suited for, or other relevant information.
  • Visibility Option: There is also a checkbox to “Display the category and all its tickets on core-event.co ticket webshop if all tickets in the category are sold out.” This helps maintain visibility in the ticket shop even when no tickets are currently available, which can be useful for promotional purposes or for maintaining interest in the event.
  • Create Category: After filling in all the details, click the ‘Create Category’ button to finalize the category.

This feature not only simplifies ticket management but also enhances the purchasing experience for attendees by clearly defining ticket options. By using the “Ticket Categories” feature, event organizers can ensure a more organized ticketing process and potentially increase ticket sales through targeted marketing and easy identification of ticket types.