The “Users” page is under the “Event settings” section of the Help & Support. On the “Users” page, you can add or remove people that have some kind of access to modifying your event.

User roles

CoreEvent has 3 different user categories - admin, printer, and editor.

Here is some info about all 3 of the user roles:


  • has access to making all kinds of modifications to the event.


Everything else, the printer can do.


  • doesn’t have access to the “Design tool”
  • cannot see or edit the “Event info”
  • cannot see or edit the data about the “Organizer”
  • can view the “Users” page but can’t make changes to it
  • can’t see or edit the “Conference info”

Everything else, the editor can do.

Adding, deleting or changing user roles

The admin can add, delete or change existing or new user roles.

To add a user, click on the “+” next to the page title “Users”, enter their e-mail address and their role, and click on the “Invite” button. The user you added will get an e-mail with a link to edit your event. The users have to log-in or sign-in to CoreEvent to do so.

To update or delete user roles, click on the pen icon next to their names and edit. Don’t forget to click the “Update” button in the “Update invite” window!

Don’t forget, if you have any problems which are not covered in this guide, please, let us know. We will help you! :)